Jun 11, 2007

Good Meals with Friends and Family

This past weekend for us was filled with lots of food with friends and fam. It started on Friday night, going with our friends Mark and Kristin to a Tapas Restaurant in downtown McKinney. It was so fun, tapas is like another word for mini-appetizer, so you order all these different Tapas and get about a bite of each. We highly recommend this place for a fun, different date night. Then, Saturday our friends Kurt and Lindsay brought T-Bone and Rib-eye steaks over to grill!! It was so yummy (thank you Linds) and then we got to go take a tour of their brand new Kids-R-Kids preschool they are opening in one month!! Here's a link to their site if you're looking for an AMAZING preschool in Allen! http://www.krkallentx.com
Then, on Sunday we celebrated an early Father's Day with my brother's family, my mom and my dad. We went out to eat at Papadeaux and had fun playing with the kids. Here are some pics from our little celebration...

Wylie Kate giving Pop "kisses"...so sweet!

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Jessica & Matt said...

I LOVE the pictures of your dad! He looks so happy, and they're so fun and candid. So CUTE!