May 30, 2007

Summer Read??

So summer has come in all it's glory!! I love summer...when again I feel like a good housewife who has a clean house and cooked meals. The one time of year when I have time to do things I never even think of doing during the year. Like reading something just for fun! I was going to bed a couple of nights ago and had the craving to read a good, entertaining book just for fun. Not something that will make me cry my eyes out (I read the Notebook over Christmas break...this is not what I'm looking eyes were red and poofy for days!). So, I'm looking for any recommendations of great, fun, entertaining books I can read this summer. HELP!


kristin said...

I enjoyed the series by Alexander McCall Smith - The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency. There are 3 in the series, easy to read, fun, and clever. It's about a lady in Botswana. light and fun. I also emjoyed Memoirs of a Geisha. let me know what you end up picking! i just started The Samurai's Garden. Yay for summer! Enjoy being wifey!

mearywatson said...

this is terrible, but during school breaks i indulge in a little trashy british novel reading. there are usually pages you have to skip over b/c they're talking about things that aren't good OR appropriate, but usually the stories good. OR, i really love anything by maeve binchy (she wrote the book "Circle of Friends" that was turned into a movie). OR anything by madeleine l'engle--she's my most favorite author of all time. start with the Meet the Austin's series. i agree with kristin Memoirs of a Geisha was SUCH a good book.