Nov 30, 2006

Thanksgiving on the Farm

Justin and I spent this Thanksgiving with my family down in good ol' Hico, Texas on my Aunt and Uncle's farm. This has been a tradition in my family since before I was born. This year, my parents brought their dog Sadie, who added a lot of fun chasing sticks and playing soccer with us. Mostly we just sat around and watched the kids play, talking about what it used to be like when we were the kids. Makes you feel really old when you say it that way. Then, Justin and I went home with my parents to Abilene for a weekend of resting and relaxing!!

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Poefam said...

I can't get over those girls! They're so beautiful and Wesleigh is so big! I went to her first bday party! :) That makes me feel old for sure!!!! Anyway, glad y'all had a good one! So, are you going to Justin's for Xmas?