Nov 21, 2006

Progressive Dinner

Food, food and more food! Our lifegroup's progressive dinner last Sunday was full of it! We had a great time traveling to each other's houses eating something different at every stop. By the end, we were so full, it was hard to get up to go! Justin and I are so thankful for these friends and the experiences we continue to share together.

Appetizers at the Hutson's
Salad at the Mosley's

Dinner at the Deptula's

Dessert at the McDonnell's

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The Rowes said...

Hey friend!

It's so neat to see how God has blessed you guys through your church. I know your small group is a treasure in your lives and I know you are both such a blessing to all those friends.

By the way, we still owe you that dinner. Once we get back from Thanksgiving, we'll have to get together - be thinking where you want to go. Emmy loves to eat out too :o)