Jul 27, 2006

New York, New York

One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years. Thomas Wolfe

5 days, 2 subway passes, 3 cab rides, 1 salted jumbo pretzel, 2 musicals, 4 street vendor hot dogs, 2 trips to Chinatown, 1 ride on the Circle Line, 2 very soar, tired feet, 2 tickets to Wicked, the best Broadway musical ever and 2 very, very excited best friends. Shelby and I fell in love with this overwhelming city over the 5 days we were there. From the Empire State Building, the amazing New York food, many many blocks of walking (with and without high heels), several back allies in Chinatown, a trip to see Miss Liberty herself, playing in FAO Swartz, fine dining at the 21 Club, and going to see Kate Hudson on the Today Show.....what an amazingly fun time we had!!! Shelb and I haven't had so much fun together since High School! I love you friend and will always treasure the girly fun we had together this summer!

Visit my "myspace" for a slideshow of our trip.


Poefam said...

I love your blog! So cute!!! Keep it up..it's a fun way to know about all of the little details of our lives! LOVE YOU!

oldtownboys said...

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