Jul 27, 2006

Emma Joy

Tears came to my eyes as my friend Julie showed up at my front door holding her precious new baby Emma Joy. It's almost unexplainable seeing this amazing, beautiful child in the arms of someone you love so much. I had so much fun holding Emma and trying everything to make her laugh. Julie, you are a dear friend! I treasure your friendship and just adore your beautiful baby girl. She is as beautiful as you are! I love you friend....let's do this again soon!

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Brett, Julz, and Emma said...

Sharee Marie, You're the coolest! Thanks for your sweet words! I am just now discovering the "Comments" on our blog and going back thru and reading/responding to everyone. I love your blog! Great Pics. I love hearing more about what all you and Justin are up to. I miss you friend! Can't wait til next hang out time! :o)