Feb 25, 2010

Mommy Date...

So Justin and Kurt headed off to Waco last night to watch Baylor pull a victory over those Aggies in basketball, so T and I decided we needed to get out for some treats and playtime!  Where else would a 16 month old think was the coolest? That's right folks...Micky D's!
I thought Tristan would get face first into that 99 cent ice cream cone, but my sweet polite little one wouldn't touch it.  Mr. meticulous here wanted to use the straw like a spoon to get each and every bite...silly boy! I love learning all the funny little things about him that makes him Tristan.

Then we headed over the playzone, which was really too big for us, but there was this one little happy meal plaything he went crazy about.  I love that it doesn't take a whole lot to totally make his day...or night.  Could have stayed here for hours if I'd let him!

Although it would have been even more fun with daddy, I'm glad we got to have our little "night out" just the two of us! 
Love you little man, hopefully the first of many Mommy Dates to come!

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The Rowe Crew said...

i *heart* him. really, i do! it's so fun to get to watch your mommy/son relationship and I'm taking notes in case God ever lets me have a baby boy ;).

p.s...sorry i flaked out this a.m. rough night for the girlies = i didn't even wake up when you called ;). better tomorrow!

Poefam said...

SOOOO cute! I love mommy dates! Our first one was to Bueno, of course! :)

JILL said...

Just like Justin....He neve liked to get himself messy as atoddler either. Isn't that funny :) Like father like son