Dec 30, 2009

Can I have my license now Dad?

Seriously, aren’t babies supposed to like to play with “age appropriate” toys? This little man wants nothing to do with such baby-ish things. I think we’ve have a thrill-seeker on our hands. He’s into everything adult: cell phones, laptops, car keys, and now put driving on the list? Don’t freak out, the car keys aren’t even in the ignition. But just look at the sheer joy on his face letting him think he’s driving! Only 15 more years to go little one.

tristan driving-4

“What are you waiting for guys? Hop in!”

tristan driving-1 tristan driving-3tristan driving-2 tylers truck

Thanks Uncle Ty for letting us borrow your truck all week too!

I had lots of fun playing in it! Love, T

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