Oct 24, 2009


So we really had a blast with Tristan’s first birthday party, and the best part is he did too! He handled all the craziness like a champ and loved playing with all his best friends. Our idea was to have a laid-back cookout with our lifegroup and family at our house, watch some college football, eat some cake, and just hangout. football players-1The funniest part was trying to corral all our seven lifegroup boys for a group “football player” picture in all their milk jug football helmets. Hilarious. I have a complete and total respect for people who can take good pictures of babies, especially more than one at a time! Everyone who was huddled around watching was laughing at all of us crazies trying to get some cute pics. It didn’t take long for the boys to tell us enough of this, let’s go play! football players-6football players football players-4football players-3 football players-5football players-2 football players-15 football players-7

football players-12

football players-9 football players-11

football players-13 football players-8football players-10

Time to Eat!!! Justin fired up the grill and we all enjoyed the gorgeous weather outside and watched the Texas/OU football game. Of course all the moms ended up with all the babies in the playroom in pure toddler mahem! I didn’t get near enough pictures of everyone else hanging out, I guess I was having too much fun just enjoying everyone!

time to eat time to eat-1 time to eat-2time to eat-4time to eat-6time to eat-3 DSC_0390 DSC_0333DSC_0332

Eating his birthday CAKE – Yum!

cake table

After lunch we gathered everyone around T’s special birthday chair and sang him a little Happy Birthday. I thought he’d be overwhelmed by this, but he proved me wrong! Must be like his momma and love the attention! Although he was a little shy with it at first, it didn’t take too long for Tristan to realize this was GOOD stuff!

birthday cake birthday cake-1 birthday cake-2

Sic’ Em Bears?! Okay!

birthday cake-3 birthday cake-4

Here we go…

birthday cake-5 birthday cake-6 birthday cake-7 birthday cake-8 birthday cake-9 birthday cake-10 birthday cake-11 birthday cake-12 Mmmmm, can mommy have some too?!?birthday cake-13

The party ended with a little more hang-out time outside, especially with our family. Wesleigh made Tristan look like a real football player with his tough-guy black lines under the eyes!

family time

No wonder where he gets his loud mouth smile from! We couldn’t stop laughing because Tristan was getting such a kick out of Wes, she did a GREAT job!

family time-1family time-4 family time-3family time-2 family time-6
family time-5 family time-8 family time-9family time-7family time-14 family time-10 family time-12 family time-13

Thank you to everyone who came and made Tristan’s First Birthday so special! What a great day Justin, I and Tristan will always treasure!


Sommer said...

How fun!! Okay Sharee, you should do party planning/decorating for extra money. So darn cute!

The Rowe Crew said...

Seriously, I'll take one "tristan's birthday package" when I get a boy someday ;). Love ya!