Oct 21, 2009

One Year Old!!!

one year old football version Little Lovebug-
Happy 1st Birthday little one!  My goodness how did your first year fly by so fast?  One year ago God changed our world by giving us the biggest gift we could ever have imagined with YOU sweet one!  We love you more than you know and more than we can even say!  What a joy and an honor it has been to watch you grow and change from a tiny little baby into a cute, toddling little boy! 
Daddy and I are so proud of you too!  This month you really have started acting like such a big boy!  You switched from formula to milk, and from bottle to sippy cup!  You got a tooth up top, which gives you a whopping total of three, but plenty to eat almost anything and everything we do.  You’re the best little eater and rarely make too big of a mess because you’d rather EAT all your food than waste any! 
You started walking all over the house with your walker, but still prefer to crawl to get to something super fast.  You love to play outside in the sticks and rocks and dirt like such a little boy!  I think you learned this best from Vegas.  You also learned to clap and you do this when you’re excited to see someone or when you want more food! So cute.  You say “da da” all the time and have been known to say it rather loudly.  You sleep great and nap well and are just a happy little man as long as mommy is not too far away. 
I’m sure there’s so much more, but I just want you to know most of all how much daddy and I love you and how proud we are to be your parents!  God has given us a great blessing and responsibility in raising you.  Daddy and I pray that you will grow up with a genuine love for God and life and others.  That you will have Godly wisdom mixed with a joy and laughter no matter what life brings your way.   That you will run and play and laugh and make the most of all God has given you. 
We love you T! You make us laugh every day.  We love every second we get to play and snuggle and be your parents.  Happy, happy, happy birthday! We can’t wait to see what this next year holds for you.
All our love,
Mommy and Daddy

Your ONE YEAR stats:
Weight: 23 lbs: 58th %ile
Height: 30.5 inches: 72nd %ile
Head: Still 99th %ile for all those brains! :)

football black chair-2football black chair football black chair-1 
Bye-Bye first year…hello second!
football black chair-3
And a glimpse at our other photo shoot.  I found this super cute shirt from Gap a while back.  I had been saving it for his one year pictures, and lo and behold when we put it on, of course it was a little snug!  That’s what I get for waiting.  I had a hard time deciding which set to use for this post, so I decided to use both! 
one year oldDon’t know what this face is, but it sure is cute!

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