Sep 25, 2009

Tristan’s first FORT

fortRemember back when you were a kid and one of the most fun things to do was build a “fort” out of anything and everything.  Ours typically involved sheets and some living room furniture.  A couple of houses we lived in had special hiding spots under the stairs that made the best forts and secret clubhouses. 

So when we bought Tristan his new big boy car seat, I thought he’d love to play in the box, which was huge.  But, sadly he wasn’t really too impressed.  So, Justin and I had a little cardboard box remodel session, added some windows, a sunroof, and lots of toys to see if Tristan would warm up to the idea. 

Thankfully now he loves his new toy!  He’ll go in there by himself and hit the toys that make music, but the most fun is when daddy comes home and plays in it with him!  Thankful for things like cardboard boxes and a little creativity that provide hours of family entertainment!  

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