Sep 27, 2009

theme of the weekend…



From the time he walked in the door on Friday after work until he put him to bed tonight, DADDY was a fan favorite for little T.  You can tell he’s turning more and more into a little daddy’s boy every day.  The best part was hearing those sweet words, “Da, da, da, da, da” out of Tristan’s mouth ALL WEEKEND!  He was proud of it too.  Even shouted it while we were out to eat on Saturday! 

You think he’s happy to have his daddy home? Trust me, daddy is just as happy to see him too!


friday  friday-2 friday-3 friday-1

Saturday morning daddy cooked us up some of his famous French toast!  His little buddy was never too far behind him!  saturday am

Then out for a yummy family date to Cheddars, my boys all spiffied up looking nice! And what an absolutely beautiful night too!  cheddars-1 cheddars-2

After a family dinner, we headed to redbox and rented a couple of movies.  Tristan wanted to pick which one we watched first!  Here he is making his argument about why he should get to stay up and watch it with us…sorry cutie, bedtime for you! lets watch this dvd

Then after a long, fun, hot day outside at the Allen Bible Church Picnic (more on that later) Tristan and daddy ended the weekend with some fun catch me if you can teddy bear games. 

We love you Daddy, and had fun just hanging with you this weekend! 

Love, Your two biggest fans!

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JILL said...

Awwwh....such a cute expression..brings back some wonderful memories of Justin's baby years :)