Sep 3, 2009

Boys will be boys

Because so much of the time, Tristan is such a momma’s boy, I LOVE it when I see him being a rough and tumble little boy!  Many mornings go alot like this…Vegas goes outside, Tristan goes to window and laughs at Vegas, I open the door to let Vegas in, Tristan makes a b-line dash to get outside!  This is where the boy playing – I’m going to play like Vegas begins.  Getting into every piece of grass, dirt, sticks, rocks and bugs he can find!  And being sure it gets all over our legs, hands and yes, even our mouth!  boys playinboys playin-2 boys playin-1  boys playin-3 boys playin-4

1 comment:

Breenette said...

He is so very very cute Sharee! I can't believe how big he is getting!!!!