Aug 23, 2009

Ten Months Old!

ten months old!

Little Love,

This month it really hit me, you are TEN months old!!! What in the world?! How is our baby less than two months shy of ONE YEAR old?!? My how time keeps flying with you. Dad and I both are absolutely loving this stage of your life. You are active, mobile, curious but still sweet and cuddly too. You’re cute and funny and have a mind of your own. Your smile and laugh are the best things in the world. Some fun new things about you this month:

  • You love for us to “get you.” Especially dad though. Every night it’s the same, you start crawling toward mom, but you look back every few steps to see if dad is coming to get you. When he does he pulls your feet and tickles you, and you just eat it up. We do this over and over.
  • You make this face which I think is hilarious. It’s this funny scrunch my nose, “I’m done with this” kind of face. You’ll do it when we’re feeding you baby food sometimes or just when you want to get a few laughs coming your way. I think it’s your tough look but isn’t it the funniest thing ever? I love it!


  • You are crawling and curious. You crawl all over, to the back window, to your room, the playroom and you most always find a non-toy to play with. Your favorites right now are your stereo in your room and the remote or phone. Pretty much any type of electronics has your attention.
  • You started sitting all by yourself in our big bathtub each night for bathtime. You used to have your own baby tub, but now you’re in that big ole’ tub and loving all the room to splash and play in. Oh, and you LOVE the water and are not afraid to have it splashed, poured or dunked on you.
  • You like to play in your crib with lots of blankets. Maybe it’s a no-no, but you love sleeping with a few blankies and after you wake up you will play a while in your crib tossing them around and peeking over your bumper.
  • Talking…you talk all the time, and we try to think you’re saying words. The phrases we hear most are: mamamama, pupupupu (puppy dog maybe?), and B words like buh-buh-buh, boo boo boo and bah-bah-bah. We like to hear you talking even when we don’t know just what you’re trying to say!
  • This month has been our most dangerous month yet, with several scrapes and bruises to show for it. Mobile baby means lots of bumps. Mainly bumping things (like the wall, table or floor) with your head as you try to stand up or sit back down. I guess it’s all part of being a boy.
  • You are a BIG BOY. You started wearing shoes and they make you look so old but cute! With some jeans and a shirt, ahhh, my baby is turning into a toddler! You’re pulling up on everything too, from toys to chairs, but your favorite thing to pull up on is mom’s pants or legs. You’re just not sure what to do once you’re “up.”
  • Still a tride and true momma’s boy, which I don’t mind a bit. You’d much rather be sitting with me in the kitchen while I wash dishes, than playing in your playroom full of toys. While we’re always working on how to do more playing independently and with friends, I do treasure the sweet times of holding you and cuddling.

We love you more than words can say little man. You are a true joy for us. As you transition from baby to toddler soon I pray God continues to show Himself to you, and show you so many cool new things in this world. As your momma I’m trying to savor and treasure all the sweet cuddle times and moments with you while you’ll still let me. We love you Tristan, happy ten months!


Mom and Dad

This face just cracks me up! Where’s my sweet baby?? Mr. attitude here, looks like a punk rocker or something. I think he was ready for our black chair photo shoot to be over! heeeey attitude

And some fun and funny pics in his “big boy” clothes and shoes. The faces you make child, God gives me many laughs every day!

DSC_0162 DSC_0203

DSC_0197 DSC_0188

Those baby blues just like your daddy!


Sommer said...

I love your sweet letters to your little one. What a treasure for him to read one day...(and probably only really appreciate when he has children of his own- man do I have a whole new respect for my parents now that I know alll the emotions you go through when you have someone so precious to take care of!)

JILL said...

Love Tristan's sweet expressions and his scrunched up nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!