Aug 27, 2009

Forman Family Fun

Justin’s family (almost all of them, we missed you Ty) came in town to see us, Courtney and Vegas this past weekend. We had a fun and lazy weekend hanging out with them, doing some shopping, eating, movie-watching and chatting. Tristan and Vegas were in heaven with every ounce of attention on them all weekend!

Hangin’ with Grandad…Tristan loves it that he gets down on his level! He thinks Grandad is the funniest guy in the world too, I think! Goofy Granpa can always get a good laugh out of our little guy!

fun with formans fun with formans-1 fun with formans-2 fun with formans-3

Here are some pics of us hanging out and some un-official as Abbie would clarify, family pictures. (Only un-official because Tyler and Krista weren’t here!). fun with formans-4 fun with formans-13fun with formans-5

And lots and lots of Auntie Lovin!

fun with formans-6

fun with formans-10

fun with formans-7

Oh, and the latest pic of my new dew! Thanks to the girls watching Tristan for me, I got to get my hair cut and highlighted, a treat I look forward to for months! A little bang, a little red-ish!

fun with formans-12fun with formans-11

We also had a fun picnic lunch at the splash park

(but it was fun enough for it’s own post, check it out next.)


Adams Plus One said...

I like your hair - nice bangs! Justin's family looks sooo much alike. I'm so glad y'all had fun. What a treat!

JILL said...

Tyler and Krista we missed you :(. Ty, you could have made our family picture complete. :)