Aug 22, 2009


It’s been so cute to slowly watch these two “babies” learn to get along.  Slowly but surely they’ve learned to play together, and really could it get any cuter than a baby and a puppy becoming buddies?!  These pictures come along with many stories, here are a few fun moments of these two new buddies…

Here they are playing nice on the rug.  Vegas was such a trooper here, with Tristan pinching his skin and pulling his tail.  Sweet puppy!

And Tristan giving Vegas some love back by sharing some of his “puffies.”  We do not feed Vegas table food, but when Tristan gets in his highchair, Vegas is not far behind!

Sharing toys, it’s inevitable, I’ve tried to avoid this hundreds of times, but T just loves getting Vegas’ toys, chewed as they are, and of course Vegas would be in heaven if we let him play with even some of T’s colorful toys.

Causing trouble together….uhhh-ohhhh! It’s okay, daddy was going to shred those anyway!

And this was the cutest moment yet!!! Vegas went outside and I found Tristan waiting for him at the back window like this! Uhhh, melt my heart.  So when I opened the door to let Vegas back IN, my little man made a mad dash to get OUT to play with his puppy.  He had a very true boy time outside with Vegas, finding rocks and dirt, ants and sticks to play with. 


T-Love said...

Finally! Tristan's wearing some Baylor gear... Sic'em! Cute pup, btw...

Cheers... ;~)

Poefam said...

Love it! ... I think that having a pup around the house teaches our little ones so much...compassion, fun, responsibility, and more! Glad Tristan has a 4-legged friend! :)