Aug 31, 2009

Best Slumber Party Ever!!!

I just LOVE these girls God has placed in my life! L-O-V-E them. I thank God for each and every one of them. :) It’s such a gift to have so many Christ-like girls in my life to laugh with and live life alongside. Weekends like this make me all the more thankful!

slumber party

So we decided months ago all us girls needed a slumber party - night out without the kids! So Rachel graciously offered to host, and come to find out, planned the funnest ( i know it’s not really a word) slumber party ever! We had a scavenger hunt, shopping, eating, crafts, prizes, favors and more! My goodness girl, you blew us away with all your fun ideas and plans, thank you for all you put into it!

So here’s how it all went down…

We all met at Rachel’s casa and got put into “teams” and received a scoresheet and instructions for our night. We had no idea what we were going to do, which made it all the more fun and exciting. Rachel had us all fill out this survey with all kinds of fun, random questions about ourselves. So all night long, she’s bust out with a question and we got points for answering it fastest, etc. So fun!

slumber party-6 slumber party-7 slumber party-8

Then we loaded up the cars and headed out to Rachel’s mom’s PRECIOUS store called The Blue Door, out in Frisco. After some riddle-solving we browsed and shopped for a while.

slumber party-2

Then, after some more questions and riddles, we headed down to the shops at Legacy for a full-on scavenger hunt! That’s right folks, a pretend like I’m 13 again scavenger hunt in the middle of fancy shmancy plano! It was pretty funny! And fun too! We got a random couple to take some pictures of us after we finished. slumber party-4I think this one looks like a cheerleading squad picture the way we’re all spread out! You know, the ones they put on their calendar? ha ha

slumber party-5

Then it was off to Fireside Pies for a fun and yummy dinner! Pics of this to come, I have to get them from Kristi!


We were all so excited because typically our girls night would end here, after dinner! but oh no, the party was just beginning. We went back to Rachel’s to finish our little game. She gave out prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishes. We couldn’t believe she put to much thought and creativity into it…out of control fun! Sadly my team were the “biggest losers” of the bunch.

slumber party-9 slumber party-10 slumber party-12 slumber party-13

Then we got in our PJ’s, ate more yummy food everyone made, talked, talked, laughed, talked, and made T-shirts we’re going to wear when we all go to the New Moon premiere on November 20th! Can it get any more teenie bopper than that?! It was so fun! We ended up making either “Team Edward” or “Team Black” t-shirts.

slumber party-18 slumber party-16slumber party-14 slumber party-17

slumber party-15
What a fun night! We ended it by watching my favorite movie "Step Up!" What a fun night making memories I will always treasure! (hoola-hoops and flying insects). I love you girls, can't wait till our next night out in November!

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The Rowe Crew said...

Y'all are seriously SO cute!! I love it! God is so good and it's fun to see how He provides for us...even through scavenger hunts and t-shirts ;)