Aug 6, 2009

Aunt Courtney Came!!!


We are soooooo excited because Aunt Courtney and her sweet puppy Vegas have come to live with us for a bit!  Courtney was ready for a change, so decided to make the big decision to move to Texas from Michigan, and we couldn’t be happier.  It’s been a week already, and we’ve already had so much fun having her here!  The picture above is of her first day here, her good friend Sparky was sweet enough to make the two and a half day drive down here with her.

And our new puppy  dog Vegas…isn’t he a cutie?DSC_0317

He’s done pretty well with his transition to a home filled with toys he can’t touch and couches he can’t sit on. Poor baby.  Tristan thinks he’s pretty funny now and they do really well “playing” with each other now too most of the time.   I love this picture! Vegas is being so good and Tristan looks so happy to have his very own puppy dog!!!DSC_0323

We’re still working on teaching BOTH of them not to play with each other’s toys.  The other day  I was doing dishes and Tristan was playing in the family room around the corner. He was doing such a good job playing by himself.  After a while, I peeked over the counter to see what was keeping his attention so long…oh you know it, Vegas’ big fat dog bone in Tristan’s mouth!  It made the best teething toy! Uhhhhggg! :)  I should have snapped a picture but of course I was too quick to hurry and get it out of T’s hands!  I’m sure only the first of many!  

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JILL said...

Awhhhhhhhh what a sweet picture of my 2 grand babies Tristan and Vegas. They are best buddies :)Grandma can't wait to see all of her family later this month.