Jul 17, 2009

Tristan’s First (official) Haircut

I know a lot of moms who get sad and teary when the time came for their baby to get the first haircut. I can understand that, some part of your baby is growing up. But I couldn’t have been more excited for this day! First of all, it meant little man got some hair back! And I couldn’t wait for someone to show me what to do with the super fine, super stick-up-everywhere hair of his! So, we were off to Zoo Cuts for our first real haircutting experience…

Tristan thought it was okay sitting like a big boy in the cool car. We even brought along Ruffie for emotional support. He looked like such a little boy sitting up there all by himself. I loved it!

haircut-1He did great at first, not really sure what all the fuss was about and why everyone around him was smiling and telling him “good job!” And why Miss Kimberly was there snapping so many pictures too!

haircut haircut-2 haircut-3 haircut-4

Then, the noise of the clippers kicked in, and Tristan realized this wasn’t as much fun as he thought anymore. Sweet thing, eventually he just grabbed onto me like “get me out of here.”

haircut-5That’s one cool mo-hawk there buddy haircut-6 haircut-7 haircut-8haircut-9And then a few touch ups in mom’s lap. Our hairdresser put in some cool gel and showed me how to spike the front just enough. Too cool! haircut-10 haircut-11

All done…taaaa-daaaah!!! My Mr. Handsome with his new do! And a special thank you to Kimberly for coming to help document our special day...I love the pics! haircut-12haircut-14 haircut-15

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