Jul 9, 2009

Ladies Man

Tristan’s had lots of fun lately playing with some of our favorite girls. Thanks to a little babysitting co-op with some sweet friends, and a couple of trips to the dentist for mom, Tristan got some fun times with his girl-friends. (note the difference between girl-friend and girlfriend).

Playing at Hayden and Emmy’s house, Ahh, those two little nuggets, how cute are they?! Sweet Hayden sharing her toys so well!

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Having the Rowe girls over to play at our house…not sure if Tristan was quite as sure about sharing his toys. He keeps looking at Hayden like, what are you doing with my toy girl? We’ll work on it Hayden, I promise!

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And does it get any cuter than Miss Emmy helping feed Tristan his banana blueberries? And I must say, she did a great job!

Open wiiiiii---iiiiiide!


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I guess the ladies just can’t resist helping the boy eat, my friend Dayna’s little girl Addison helping Tristan eat his bottle too. Seriously mom, are you really going to let them do this?!? addison feeding tristan


Sheridan said...

So cute! Emmy and Addison are going to be the best babysitters to Tristan one day!

Meg said...

your son is sooooo precious!! truly one of the cutest baby boys i have seen in a long time!! i still love checking your blog for updates; you look like such a joyful mama!! XOXO