Jun 14, 2009

Daddy's Home!!! 6th Year Anniversary Surprise

After a VERY LONG TEN DAYS without Daddy, as he and his buddy Kurt were off conquering the mountains at Maccu Picchu, he moved heaven and earth and some American Airline employees to get home to Tristan and I for our 6th Year Wedding Anniversary. It was the best surprise ever, as he wasn't supposed to get home until the next morning! We're beyond ecstatic to have him back home with us. I don't think he'll ever leave us that long again! I'll post more soon about their manly man trip. Happy 6 Years Blueyes...I love you more now than ever!


Sheridan said...

What a fun surprise! Happy 6th Anniversary! Crazy to think that 6 years after your wedding, you are parents to a sweet blue-eyed boy!

Courtney said...

awwww... Cute picture of your blue-eyed boys:) Happy Anniversary!