May 20, 2009

Seven Months Old!!!

7 mo closeup

Oh Shooga-boog, Love-bug, Stinker-boo,

It’s almost embarrassing how many silly names I have for you now, but I just can’t help it…you are all of those things to me. Look at you, this month you have grown so much more from a baby to a little boy. You will always be "my baby" but you are learning and doing so many big boy things, it's so fun to watch.

7 mo closeup-17 mo close-2

How you’ve grown...

Grown you have little guy! Just this week, I realized how many clothes you have FINALLY grown out of. For the first time, you can no longer fit into your 0-3 month clothes! I thought you were going to just wear those things forever! But, oh no, now you are sporting everything from 6 month clothes up to a year, depending on the brand and what it is. You’re growing out of lots of things now, socks, hats, jammies, clothes. You’re still small for your age, but to me you’re all of a sudden so big. When I hold you, your body takes up from my shoulder to my leg, and when you nurse you wrap all the way around from one side past the other. Little boog, how is it you’re getting so big? Luckily, you still LOVE to cuddle with me, so I’m thankful that this big boy still gives his mommy the snuggles SHE needs.

Your hair is growing back and it’s so handsome. Your once bald layer on the back of your head has grown in now that you’re sleeping on your tummy. You only have one small circle with less hair, the rest is coming back which makes mommy so happy. The top is getting thicker and longer too. I love combing it like a big boy when you get out of the shower. So so handsome!

Things you learned to do...

Sitting up has been your biggest accomplishment this month. You’ve gone from wobbly to now safely able to sit up all by yourself and play. You’re just now starting to dive bomb toys you want, which makes me hopeful that you may start spending more time on your tummy so we can learn to crawl one of these days. You still don’t love it, but want to get those toys more than you care about being having to be on your tummy to get them.

You’re cutest new little trick has been blowing bubbles with your mouth. This just cracks me up. Not so much that you do, but how you do it. With everything in your being! You act just like you’re talking and you know it makes mom and daddy laugh which makes you do it more. It’s the cutest thing. One day, I gave you this empty toilet paper roll, and taught you how to blow it like a trumpet, and you just went to town blowing in that thing. It was so funny we got the video camera out to catch it on film. love to go down to the park by our house and swing in the bucket swing. You've gotten great at it, and like to do it without holding anyone's hand. You love watching all the big kids around you play as you swing too. You liked it so much, we got you a swing for our backyard. But of course, it's not quite as cool as the one at the park to you. I think because the one at home leans back too much you zone out, chill and relax when we put you in it.


My oh my how fast you’ve changed with your eating. Just a month ago we had barely introduced veggies, and now you’re eating veggies, fruits and cereal three times a day. You love love love bananas. Oh my, I should have a whole post just on this one fruit. You LOVE them! For a while, anything we’d try to feed you that wasn’t banana, you’d make a terrible face and cry! You at least will eat other things now, thank the Lord, but you’d pick banana over anything else anyday. My little monkey I should say.

Your least favorite veggie is green beans and peas, take after your daddy on this one. He doesn’t blame you for making funny faces and crying when we feed it to you. If we mix it with something sweet you’ll choke it down, but needless to say, not on the top of your list.

We just started trying to get you to eat these little dissolvable rice puffs, banana flavor of course. It’s painstaking to watch you try to eat these things. You’ll grab them in your fist, put your fist up to your mouth and suck on your hand. All the while the little rice puff will either drop on your shirt, fall on the floor, or stick to the inside of your hand. It frustrates you after a while, and mommy and daddy end up helping you get some. We’ll keep practicing; I know you’ll get it down soon.

And, you’ve started to learn to use a sippy cup, such a big boy! Your favorite way to drink though is from mommy or daddy’s cup, and you’re really good at this too. Like I said, acting like such a big boy now.

Mommy’s Boy...

One thing we’ve realized more than ever, is how much of a momma’s boy you are. Dad has been saying that for months now, but this month has been more so than ever. Sweet thing, you just don’t like being away from me. You still look up at me sometime when I read to you at night which melts me. And last week, when dad was feeding you dinner, you just stared at me the entire time. You’d open your mouth, hoping dad would give you the food sideways so you could still look at me. So funny lovebug!

The bad part is you cry if I leave the room, really cry for babysitters, and have even started crying when mommy goes to bible study and daddy is home with you. I know it’s just a phase, and you won’t always feel so attached to me, so I try to enjoy what I can, but I also want you to be confident and independent so we’re trying to figure out how to help you get through this.

Well can you believe all of this in just one month?!? So much more I’m sure I’m forgetting too. Dad and I just love you more than ever! We love teaching you new things, and getting to know you more every day. Happy 7 months sweet one!


Adams Plus One said...

Oh my goodness! Seven months already?!? Does the time seem like it is going by too quickly to you? Wow... Way to go, Tristan!

Meredith said...

He really looks different - older!!! Such a handsome little guy!!! We'd love to see y'all again soon!!!

Sheridan said...

Where did you get his monogrammed bib? That is too cute! Love it!

Happy 7 months Tristan!