Mar 14, 2009

Quick Visit from Gigi and Pop

Yesterday Grandma Gigi and Pop came in town for a quick overnight visit. Coming in town for Grandparents' Day at Wesleigh and Wilson's school, we got to spend some good family time together. Sadly, I have no pictures of the whole fam or of the amazing production put on at Wes and Wils' school. It was really incredible. But I do have some super cute ones from Gigi and Pop's time at our house last night and this morning. We loved having you guys, please come back soon!

Thank you Gigi and Pop for my really cool new toy! Soon I'll be able to tell you what all those animals say and spinning the wheel is so much fun!


Jessica and Matt said...

Gotta love a visit from the grandparents! Little tristan is such a handsome little thing! I loooove his eyes!

Poefam said...

So sweet! :) Grandparents are great to give us a little break!

Meredith said...

Sharee, he is getting so big!!!! He's starting to look more "baby" and less "newborn!" He's such a cutie!!!

Les said...

this is random, but I remember the most adorable little hat Tristan had on that looked like a little doggie face. Now that I am knitting, I'd love to make one for a friend... I think I could create a pattern but didn't know if you might know where it came from.
Love you,
Lesli Cryer