Mar 20, 2009

Five Months Old!

Sweet Lovebug,

Happy 5 Month Birthday today! I've been so excited to write this letter because of how much fun I've had with you this past month. What a change from the month before! Your fourth month has been one of answered prayers and exciting new firsts. Our first answered prayer was getting you on some medicine that worked! We switched your reflux medicine to Prevacid and you've been a different boy, so much happier without all the pain!

This month also marked many firsts for you too which has been so fun to experience. The best was your first laugh. You thought that silly bug going "buzzz" was the best. You learned to hold your head up and do it really well when you're laying on your boppy. It's still tough when you're completely flat but you don't mind trying.

You spent your first time really being outside and you love it! Like most kiddos I think you're going to be an outside boy. We try to spend time out there everyday now and you love looking at everything and hearing all the nature noises. You also started eating cereal this month, such a big boy! It's amazing how much you've changed in just one month. You started gaining weight and filling out those tiny clothes of yours. I'm excited that you can start wearing some of your 3-6 month clothes now. Our 0-3 have lasted forever but probably not much longer now.

You do have a few favorites now too. You still love changing table time and give us the best giggles and smiles when we change you. You especially love "naked time" and kick kick kick like crazy if I let you lie naked for few minutes. You also love it when we say "IIIIII'm gonna getcha!" We don't really have to do anything else but say that excited and hold our hands up like a tickle. You go nuts. And, you like it when daddy throws you in the air too. We just have to be careful when we pick to do that because it inevitably involves some spit-up. You got your daddy in the mouth the other day, which mom thought was priceless. Grossed dad out a bit.

You also love your froggy, the little stuffed toy from your excersaucer. You try to bite his head off but you do love him and will talk very loud when he falls on the floor. The fact that you have a favorite toy means you're growing up and I'm loving watching you change and grow. You're also going through a little "momma's boy" phase as dad likes to call it. You do love your momma and love to play with me, which makes sense since we spend all our time together. Of course I love it that you love me, but we're working on loving others too. A couple of times this month you've screamed your little head off when given to someone else(like Gigi and Aunt Haylie). Even sometimes when dad's playing with you, he has to work hard to get you to take your eyes off your momma. Next month we're going to try to play with others more so you can learn it's okay to not always be in your momma's arms.

Which reminds me of another favorite thing you do. Sometimes before your nap or before bedtime, when I'm reading you a story, instead of looking at the pages, you look right up at me and watch me as I read you the words. Ohhhh, this just melts mommy's heart! To see the love in your little eyes, times like that are what I will store forever in my memory. I love you so much, and daddy does too. We love playing with you and watching you learn new things. I know that each month will bring so many more new things you can do. We're so proud of you!

Happy five months sweet one!


Oh yeah, this picture reminds me too, you love chewing on your fingers. You will take your paci sometimes, but it usually doesn't last long before you spit it out, and find those fingers.


KarenD said...

Little boys are the bestest!

The Rowe Crew said...

Awww...SO SO sweet! My favorite is that he looks up at you when you are reading. Are you kidding me!?!? Talk about melting your heart for sure :o).

Nalley Family said...

What a sweet post about your little man. He is too precious!!!

Sheridan said...

I can't believe how big he is getting! As always, he gets cuter every time!

BTW- Check out my new blog!!!

Jessica and Matt said...

So SWEET!! I teared up reading this. You are such a sweet little momma. :) Happy 5 months, Tristan!!

Meredith said...

I LOVE the smiling pictures!!! So cute!!!!

I also just had to comment and tell you that you totally guessed the name picks! Yes, Matt is SO traditional when it comes to boy names (and girl too) and I'm a little more contemporary which is why we can't agree on anything!!!!