Feb 19, 2009

Hangin' with my Cousins

Tristan and I had the best time the other day hanging out with our cousins all day long. Our littlest cousin Miss Wylie Kate came to our house to play for most of the day. We had so much fun coloring, playing with stuffed animals, funny glasses and toys, and going to the park. Tristan's new pedal car from grandpa was the biggest hit. WK drove it all the way to the park and back (with a little help from Aunt Sharee).
We spent alot of our day together playing at the park and having our sack lunches there. Wylie Kate kept Tristan entertained my smiling at him and making funny faces. He just loved watching her, and gave her lots of smiles!
Then, after Wylie Kate went to her ballet class, we got to go over to Shayne and Kim's house to hang out with our other favorite cousins, Wesleigh and Wilson. Tristan just loves them and they love him too. They do a great job of helping Aunt Sharee feed him, change his diaper and play with him. I know they will be such great friends once Tristan gets a little older, and can't wait for him to meet his newest little cousin (Miss Wynne Elizabeth) in just a few days now!!! We are so blessed to have you guys so close and in our lives...we love you so much!!!

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