Feb 22, 2009

Giggle, giggle, laugh

Tristan giggled today for the first time!!! He's been smiling now for a while and I just couldn't wait to hear that sweet boy laugh. I took him outside to play on a blanket, it was our first real time to do that since it's been a little too chilly until now. He absolutely loved it. The birds, the dog, the crunchy grass sounds. Justin and I were both outside playing with him and all of a sudden, there it was, the sweetest little giggle! I looked shocked at Justin and said, "Does that count? Was that it?" Then he did it again several more times while we were out there. Guess he's going to be an outdoor little man! It'll be fun now to see what things make Tristan giggle.


KarenD said...

I am convinced that the BEST sound in the world is your own baby's giggle!

KarenD said...

Oh... and the best smell in the world is the top of your baby's head.