Dec 18, 2008

White Trash Reindeer & Poop-ourri...

...Are among the tamer items traded at our Lifegroup White Elephant Gift Exchange this year. We do look like quite a bunch don't we? Justin and I ended up taking home a Hannah Montannah iron on transfer kit (can't wait to make my new t-shirt), fabulous giant blue star glasses and BBQ sauce.

It's been fun to watch our lifegroup change from the kid-less group just a year ago to the group full o' baby boys! We have four now and two on the way! We love these guys and are so grateful to have a group who is so real and authentic in our lives. I mean, just look at us. How can you not be real when you're wearing buck teeth and a fuzzy green hat?

Tristan & Jack and their matching PJ's
Jack's wondering, "Why is this kid screamin'?"
Naughty or Nice?
Some good ole' white trash reindeer
What do you do with white elephant gifts? Torture your kid of course!!! Merry Christmas from the Ford Park Lifegroup!

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