Oct 23, 2008

My Baby Story

I write this post for all you preggo mommas out there who are terrified, nervous or anxious about labor. I too was one of you just 10 short days ago. But, I have good news for you....you can totally do it! All my fears about giving birth were completely wrong as I had the most calm, and believe it or not relatively pain free labor experience. Here's a little play by play of how it went down. It's an amazing process only completely understood by God alone!

Getting to the Hospital
My water broke Monday morning, October 20th at 2:30 in the morning. I quickly called the Dr. who actually called me back at such an insane hour. Within 45 minutes Justin had showered, I had put on makeup, bags were loaded and we were at the hospital! Praise God for no traffic because by the time we got there my contractions were a couple of minutes apart! They quickly admitted me and got me settled in this huge delivery room all to myself. Contractions continued to come every few minutes, and I quickly let the nurse know I was not opposed to the epidural. She put in the orders for it right away!

Here I am pre-epidural - hair and makeup sort of done...little did I know it would not last or even matter! Do I look like a girl who's too terrified?
Mid Contraction - taking Aunt Abbie and Courtney's advice to "breathe!!"
Just grin and bear it while Justin snaps the pictures!
Now here I am post-epidural. I was only in labor for 2 hours before I got this heavenly medicine. It put me in la-la land for sure so I was able to sleep through alot of the morning. One happy, pain free girl now. Oh, and the epidural was NOT bad at all, and not scary. Of course I never saw the needle praise the Lord!
My parents drove in from Abilene at 3:00 in the morning so they wouldn't miss a thing!
And my big brother came before work as well to encourage me!
Go Time
About 11 hours into this process, after a day of off and on sleeping, they had to go in and break a second, yes, second, water sack that was around the baby and then in no time I was ready to push. I pushed for a good hour before this little man made his grand entrance into the world. Again, I must say I have no idea how people do this without medicine, but for me it was not a bad experience. Surreal and unbelievable certainly, but not bad.

The final pushes with the Dr. there
The very first glimpse of my little man. He came out with more of a squeak rather than a cry which was so cute! To be honest I was not prepared for what he would look like right out of the womb. His skin was all blue (it doesn't turn pink until the oxygen circulates through) and that was a little scary. But he soon was cleaned up and cute as ever!
The new daddy watching him getting cleaned up and weighedAt over a month early, we were all shocked when our little guy weighed in at a hefty 6 pounds, 9 ounces!! Praise God for his protection over Tristan these last few weeks. He came out perfectly healthy and strong thanks to God's goodness to us! He answers prayer in incredible ways!!
After Tristan was cleaned up and weighed, Justin and I got about an hour of snuggle time to ourselves. What a indescribable experience to meet and hold your first child in your arms. Such a miracle and gift from God!Even his "screams" were so cute and squeakyAll better... look at that angel face!The New Forman Fam III Dr. Smith delivered Tristan into the world at 2:12 pm
Uhhhhgg, does it get any cuter?!? Thank you God for this gift from above. You've given us the biggest blessing we could have ever asked for!


Kristina said...

congrats again! He is just adorable and I love all the pictures and the play by play. Hope all is well! Ryder says "hiiieyy" to baby Tristan =)

Summer, Justin, Blake, and Baby Brother said...

Love your story! So glad everything went so well! Enjoy that tiny little man! :)