Oct 27, 2008

Hello Everyone!!!

The day after Tristan' s birthday was quite a busy one! He had so many people come up to the hospital to meet him and love on him. Here are some of the special people who came to say hello! Of course the day started with another visit from Gigi and Pop! One proud "Pop"with his newest grandson
Tristan's abundance of flowers, stuffed animals and gifts. Thank you to everyone to sent him something special...we were overwhelmed with your thoughtfulness!
Jessica and Emmy came to meet Tristan this morning. Thank you for his fun birthday balloons and cute as can be burp rags! I can't wait for our kids to be able to play together! Jessica is due with a 2nd baby girl anyday now! She was supposed to come 2 weeks before Tristan!
Justin and I can't say enough good things about our church family at Allen Bible. Here are just a few of the ABC family who came to say hello.
Fred and Michelle Rodenbach
Our pastors Buddy and Gordon
My cousin Brad also came to bring Tristan some fun toys
And Kristina who also works in Dallas Presby's labor and delivery! She's been such an encouragement and support to me these past few weeks in the hospital explaining so much about pregnancy and birth! Thank you for all your help!!
Daniel Cooper, one of Justin's buddies from work came by that evening
And our last round of visitors came at night. Poor Kimber didn't even get to hold Tristan when we was born so she had first dibs! He loves his Aunt Kim and Uncle Shayne already! What's even more fun is that Shayne and Kim are expecting their fourth child this May...a sweet little girl. I'm so excited that she and Tristan will be so close in age!
And Tristan got some more love from his cousins of course...
Mark, Kristin and cutie baby Caleb also came by to say hello. Caleb will be the "big boy" of our life group as the oldest boy of six others in our lifegroup!
Here are some of the other parents and parents to be from our lifegroup. Rachel and Jason have sweet baby Braydon, and Megan and Aaron have baby Parker coming in January...lots of boys around our little lifegroup!Whew, another end to a fun, long, exciting, tiring day. We are so thankful to all our amazing friends and family who came to love on us and meet our little one! Counting the blessings one by one!

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