Oct 19, 2008

Bedrest at Home

So I've been able to be on bedrest at home for the past week and three days which has been wonderful. I say "wonderful" as in it's so good to be home with Justin in my own space, but mind you I am so ready for this whole bedrest thing to be over!! I try to keep in perspective how huge of a blessing it is that little dude is still in my tummy and that makes the swollen feet, aching back and legs, and big big belly worth it. My momma came home with me two Thursdays ago and helped make my transition home easy. She cooked, she cleaned, bought groceries, and did all our laundry and helped keep me sane! I couldn't say enough how thankful I am for her servant's heart!I've also had some fun visitors come see me at home. My wonderful Chandler family gave me a "Shower to Go." Each team from school gave us gifts for Tristan and food gift cards as well. Lynda and Angela from my team came by last week to shower me with all these goodies. Justin and I were blown away by their generosity and thoughtfulness! I feel very blessed to work with such amazing women!! The same day I had a couple of my 4th grade AIM students come visit me too. Of course I think they thought it was too cool to see "Mrs. Forman's" house!
Then, my sweet friend Julie surprised me last Saturday with a visit with her baby girl Emma!! I was so happy they came to hang out for a bit. Since Julz moved to Wichita a while back, we don't get to see each other very much anymore. I love you friend and am always refreshed just being with you! Can't wait for you to meet Tristan in November!!So, as far as I know I have only 4 more days of bedrest to go! Waaahhooo! I'm not sure how my body will handle me being "up" as of now just taking a shower wears me out. Hopefully it will just mean we'll get to meet our little boy very soon!

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