May 25, 2008

I heart maternity clothes!!!

So yesterday was the day I'd been waiting for since Wednesday, the day I'd finally cave and go find some good maternity clothes. Thanks to some helpful tips from Brittney and Shelby, I started my venture off at new favorite store. If you know me you know that (a) I don't really like to shop and (b) I don't like spending a lot of money, so at Ross I felt like a little kid in a candy store. I couldn't believe the prices and cute things I was finding. I was able to get 2 dresses and 6 tops there for $81!!! Pure joy. With a little more confidence, and not feeling as fat as I felt last week, I was off to Stonebriar to see what I could find. Got a tank-ini swimsuit top at Gap body that I'm hoping will still fit for our Greece trip on July 4th...we'll see. I also love tankinis...never tried one before but why hadn't I, I don't know..they're great! (here's the one I got)My final stop was at Motherhood Maternity. All I have to say about that is "secret fit belly." Ohhh, the bliss. Finally, I felt cute pregnant for the first time and to be able to still feel like I have a body apart from my belly was wonderful! Two capris and two shorts later, I was out of there feeling like a new woman!! I've heard lots of people say they don't like maternity clothes, but they are now my new best friend! The hard part for me will be going back to the regular pants once this baby is born! Here's a pic of my new maternity loot. The great thing is that 4 of the tops and both dresses are not maternity, so maybe I'll still be able to wear them after baby?? I was truly so excited about my finds, I hung them up in our room to show Justin, but mainly to enjoy the thrill of the kill so to speak. I told Justin it's like a hunter enjoying his game.


amy said...

Those secret fit belly pants are great.
Honestly I've really liked maternity clothes. Moving to them from regular clothes they seemed SO much more comfortable. The only problem is that I got a little tired of wearing the same stuff over and over....of course I've only got 2 weeks left now so I'll just grin and bear it.

Diana said...

I would so wear that shirt in green and black on a normal basis! ..mmm, maybe I should get preggers so I can go shopping!? mmm, maybe I will wait on that one. :-)

Nicki W. said...

i'm glad somebody hearts them :) i loved them with the first pregnancy, but now i just can't bring myself around! yours are super cute, though!! they ARE so so so comfortable, that is for sure!