Mar 30, 2008


Justin and I had so much fun in Japan!! What a great country...clean, beautiful and modern. We kicked off our time there with a good ole' American baseball game. The Tokio Giants vs. the Boston Red Sox. Believe it or not we weren't the only Boston fans there. But the Japanese LOVE them some baseball. They are way better fans than we are. They have a small band, flags waving, and must have attempted to do the wave about a hundred different times. No hot dogs as you can imagine but plenty of sushi!! The best part was the hamburger we ate before the game. Oh, man. Better than most I've ever had. And when you've been in China for eight days, nothing tastes better than some good ole' American food. The next morning we woke up at 4am to head down to the infamous fish market. What an amazing sight it was. Fish, fish and more fish. It was quite a well-oiled machine.

We think this huge fish is a tuna!! Amazing watching these guys cut into this with a huge saw!

Tuna Auction

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