Dec 28, 2007

Our Christmas Adventure in Costa Rica, Part II

After a relaxing couple of days on the beach, Justin and I headed back to San Jose for a couple of days. Our first full day there we went about 2 hours away to go white water rafting! Neither one of us had ever been, but it was such a blast. I was scared about doing it beforehand, mainly about falling out. I guess I thought it wasn't very probable to fall out, then on the way out there the guide starts talking and talking and talking about what to do if you fall out. I was beginning to realize this might be an actual concern for me! So my new goal soon became NOT to fall out of the boat!! We got an awesome guide from New Zealand and a boat full of other young couples. We had a blast! Justin took the spot up front for all the action and I hid behind him. There was one command I especially got good at. This was "get down." Our guide would only yell this if we were in big trouble on a big rapid, but let me tell you I got good at it. And I'm proud to say I met my goal of NOT falling out! Justin on the other hand, was not as afraid as I am and would lean out on the big rapids. Well, you can see it coming, eventually he fell out! At first I thought it was funny that he had fallen out, until I realized it was my job to save him!! So I threw down my paddle, grabbed him with both hands and yanked him back into the boat. I think he was more suprised that I was able to save him and get him in the boat, than he was falling out! All in all, a very fun adventure, lasting about 4 hours on the water. Now don't look too closely at the people in these pictures. Of course we couldn't take our big camera b/c it'd get wet, and the people who took pics of us from the company we went with, wouldn't just sell us a couple of pics. We would have had to buy the whole cd of everyone for $40!! Yikes, forty dollars for one good pic? We figured we could fudge it and get one from the internet. Plus the fact that in most of the pics, I'm perfecting the "get down" command anyway. But this is pretty much what it looked like so you can get the idea!!The fun thing about rafting in Costa Rica is that it's not cold!

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