Nov 2, 2007

Two Holidays Too Early??

Costumes, Candy and Crazy-hyper kids...yes this is what teachers think about when Halloween rolls around. But this year I got to join in the kid fun!! Our friends Jeff and Jenny threw a fantastic Halloween party this year, and I have to say Halloween is much more fun when celebrated through the eyes of an ELF! Due to what I had in my closet, my determination not to buy anything for my costume, and with a little help from my creative 6th grade AIM kids, I magically transformed for the evening into a Christmas Elf. Our party was in the same neighborhood as the school I teach in, so it was fun to see some of my student's faces when they saw me answer the door in my elfy self!! I even "won" a prize for my costume!! ( To be honest I was just the last person at the party and she realized we forgot to vote on best costume, so wuah-lah...she awarded it to me). Here's some pics from our spooky fun night... Our Spook-tacular table of food! Jeff and Jenny went all out with tombstone cupcakes and our Eerie dry ice punch. I think the boys had more fun playing with that stuff than anything else!Pregnant Girl, Under-Cover CIA Agent, Dominoe and Elf"Super-Boring" and Chick-MagnetI was a little bit more excited about the costumes than Justin, although he did good sporting his "David Beckham" costume.
I had a little competition Wednesday morning in my class. The students had 10 minutes to design an elf hat. I told the winner I would wear his or her hat for my Halloween costume!! After the contest, I told them I'd have to take the hats home and think about it....not announcing a real winner. That night at the party, Melissa came trick-or-treating to our party house and saw that I had picked her hat...she was thrilled! Thank you Melissa for my elfy hat (ears included).

We had such a fun night! I wish I could dress up in costumes more than once a year!! Anyone want to create another costume-wearing holiday?!?

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