Aug 20, 2007

Like Grandpa, Like Grandson

It's funny, the longer Justin and I are married, the more and more I can see how much he is like different people in his family. Yes, he is very much like his mom in ways, and his dad in others. But in many different ways...he is like his Grandpa Seibold.

  • His love (obsession) with sports - Grandpa
  • Love for Michigan State - Grandpa (okay whole Forman family too)
  • His love of History - Grandpa
  • His heart to travel and adventure - Grandpa
Justin talks about when he was young, how special and important it was when Granpa gave him his first history book, took him to his first movie (some war film) and then took he and his brother to different sports stadiums as well. These memories from his childhood will always mean so much to him.

This past weekend, Justin got to go with Grandpa to New York for a complete baseball, grandpa- grandson weekend. You see the Detroit Tigers were playing the Yankees and they couldn't pass it up. Grandpa even brought them their "uniforms" for the weekend - Detroit polo shirts to wear to the game! They had the best time together!! From two baseball games, visiting the Yankees "Monument Park", to touring the city on the double decker bus. Justin came back home Sunday beaming and telling stories of all they got to see and talk about over the long weekend. Thank you Grandpa for giving Justin the best time! You are always so thoughtful, fun and your grandson love you more than you know.

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The Rowe Crew said...

SO SO cute!!! Boys and their baseball :o)