Jun 18, 2007

What a Weekend

Justin and I had quite the busy weekend. It's amazing how much you can cram in just three nights and two days! Before our weekend really got started, I went away for one more girly treat. My friend Christy and I decided we needed to treat ourselves to pedicures. I don't even remember how long it's been since I've had one so needless to say it was quite a treat. It was so fun to sit, be pamepered, and chat about nothing with her! Christy and I used to teach together in McKinney, and I've brought her over here to the Allen side of things. She'll be teaching 2nd grade at Reed Elementary next year. Hopefully this means lots more pedicure times together next year!

Then, Justin and I really kicked off our weekend by celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary!! This was such a fun night...I love date nights and realized how we need to do it so much more often. We started with dinner at The Cheesecake Factory...YUM!! Then we went and played/looked around at IKEA. We decided we wanted to get rid of Justin's old desk in his office and replace it with two desks, so we could both have a place to work and play together in the office. So we spent about an hour just looking around at IKEA. Of course we looked at everything since that place is a maze and you have to go through the whole store just to get out of there...crazy. After buying nothing, we ended our night with coffee and dessert at my favorite little coffee shop. We picked the perfect night to go there because they were playing a movie on a bigscreen inside, so Justin and I relaxed with our coffee and cheesecake watching some cheesy love story movie. I'm thankful for our fun night together, and most of all so thankful for my wonderful husband and God's guidance, protection, and growth in our marriage over these past four years!

Then, on Saturday we woke up bright and early (in the rain) to go to the gun range and shoot with my cousin Brad and his girlfriend. I didn't do quite as well as my Bullseye the first shot last time, but I'm simply blaming that on the rain. Then, with the help of the Rowe's Tahoe which they graciously let us borrow, we headed off to IKEA to buy our new desks we had decided on. This was by no means a quick or easy process, but after hours of crowds and decisions we couldn't really decide on, we made it back home with a load of furniture. Thankfully our desks fit perfectly in our little study. We stayed up unitl 2am trying to put it all together and left a little bit of a disaster. The next day when I walked by the room, Justin was sitting in the middle of the room that looked like this! Yikes!! He was cleaning out his prized book cases, and man was I glad he did. I wish I had a picture of the "before" book cases, but trust me, it was a jam-packed wall O' clutter. Here's a pick of the cleaned out bookcases. I won't post a pic of our new desks till we get it all organized and decorated...more to come.Then, on Sunday our Lifegroup at church had the privilage to send out our dear friends Jeff and Jenny for their month long mission trip to Romania. They were commissioned and prayed for at church, and then we also had a "Romania or Bust" farewell / sendoff party for them at our house that night. We made home-made waffles, gave Jeff and Jenn letters to read while they are gone, and most importantly gathered around to pray for them and their trip. I'm so proud of them for the faithful obedience they've shown to go where God calls them to. They will be working with Livada Orphan Care this summer, going to camp with orphaned children, leading a sports camp for kids who have been brought into Livada's group home, and helping encourage and support the full-time workers who are there. Jeff and Jenny, we love you and will be praying for you daily until you return. You can find out more about their trip on their blog (McDonnells in Romania).

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mearywatson said...

you guys are such a CUTE lifegroup! seriously. you should print a copy of that picture out for all the couples.