Jun 29, 2007

What do YOU love about Jesus?

Over the past few months, I've found myself a little sickened by the fact that I only blog about myself, mainly the things I do. Many times I felt the tug to write about something other than myself, something deeper, something bigger. Today is the day. Recently I've been reading an amazing book called The Organic God by Margaret Feinberg. I love her. She writes like she's having a conversation with you. You can imagine just sitting down over a cup of coffee listening to her tell you a story. In one particular chapter she asks one simple question at the end, What do YOU love about Jesus?

At first I thought, I should have an answer pop straight into my head and I was disappointed in myself when it didn't. Then, I thought, I need to dig into God's Word more to find out for myself about his personality, tone through life, etc. And then this word kept creeping into my mind...CONSISTENCY. I love Jesus' consistency. I love it that he never got frantic, scurrying around like I do, that He loved people consistently even when they were unlovable, no matter the circumstance, He remained constant.

Then, God started showing me WHY I love that about His Son. Because consistency is one of the biggest struggles in my life. I sugar-coat it saying I simply "like change." But yesterday, Justin and I were talking and I realized the only thing I'm truly consistent with is my marriage to him. Working out, studying God's Word, keeping the house cleaned, even going to tan. I struggle to consistently commit to something for more than a week or two. I've been this way forever. In college, I would go workout on a whim and say, "I better do it now before I don't want to anymore." yikes. It's almost humorous, yet I long to be like my Father and Savior. So, what I love most about Jesus, is also what I long for most....CONSISTENCY. I'd love to hear from anyone and everyone...



Kristin and Andrew said...

ahhhh, refreshing sharee. I LOVE that you wrote this. it felt good to be focused on Jesus. I love blogging for different reasons, but I have also felt that same disgusted feeling with myself and how I am always writing about me. especially only the good and fun things...not a true picture of my life. i will be answering your question on my blog soon. i would love to learn a healthy balance with blogging. thanks for responding to that prompting to write about Jesus.

Finally an Abrigg..... said...

man, that spoke right to me! i'm feeling a bit of conviction for talking so much about myself. ugh.

The Rowe Crew said...

Sharee, I think God must be using you to teach me a little something today. I long to be more consistent in many areas of my life and I’m so encouraged by your words!

Ok, so I read this last week and have really enjoyed dwelling on it for a few days. Thanks so much for your openness and honesty! I LOVE that you listened to God and let Him speak through you...right to my little heart! So, the song that keeps repeating in my head is my all-time favorite hymn, AND one thing I love about Jesus - Great is Thy Faithfulness. He is SO faithful! When I look back at all the different stages in my life, He has ALWAYS been faithful! I love that even if I think things aren’t going “as planned”, He is always faithful to work out His plan for my life, which is consistently better than I could have ever imagined. Thank you Jesus for your faithfulness!!!

Jessica & Matt said...

I love this. Matt and I have been talking a lot lately about we want to be more outwardly-focused. I think selfishness is my biggest distraction. Maybe that's what I appreciate about Jesus most--his selflessness, and the example that is to us.

Thanks for the challenge.