Mar 2, 2007

It's been too long...

Okay, you know (those of you who scrapbook) how when you get a year or two or three behind in your scrapbook you kind of lose any motivation to even try. Well, getting knocked out a week ago (for 10 days) with the flu, I got SOOO behind on blogging I kinda went on strike out of overwhelmingness (yes I know that's not even a word). But, i'm back in the saddle again and will give some highlights, and low-lights from the past couple of weeks...

  1. The FLU stinks!! Two of the kids in my class had it and of course gave it to me! Aweful thing is I got it the day I left to go to FUSION in Orlando!! Just imagine fever, chills, coughing and aching during the 2 hour flight. I was pretty much in bed for a full week. All I have to say now is maybe a little flu shot every year wouldn't be so bad!
  2. Valentines Day - Justin was actually out of town on this day! He flew out to FUSION in Orlando the on Feb. 13th so I was up until the wee hours of the morning making sub plans! So exciting. But, my sweet mom sent us some beautiful flowers and Justin's sweet mom sent us home-made Valentine sugar cookies. (Thank you Moms!)
  3. FUSION Orlando - I went a couple of weekends ago to help Justin with this conference. It was absolutely AMAZING!! David Crowder came to play in concert and over 2,000 young adults plus 500 pastors came for the event. Check out their website at It's actually coming to Dallas next fall.
  4. New Furniture!! Woo-hoo. Justin and I got brand new living room furniture. Our new couch and loveseat came a couple of weeks ago! We feel like grown-ups now with our big people fun!
And our newest favorite thing in the world....a King Sized Bed!! It's actually a bad thing because now we don't want to ever get out of it and this causes some problems with not being late everywhere!
  1. And...the most recent exciting event....Justin and I leave tomorrow morning with two other couple friends from church for a five day CRUISE!!!! Ahhh, I can't even explain how excited I am to relax on the tropical waters. Suntanning, snorkling, great food, crystal clear water and good friends...what could be better. I promise to post lots of pics when we get back next Thursday! HAPPY SPRING BREAK!!

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andydawn said...

Sorry you were sick for so long :(
but atleast you will have a relaxing time on your cruise :)