Mar 13, 2007

Fun with the Girls

After Justin and I got back from our cruise last week, I was able to hang out with some sweet college friends for some good girly time! Friday night I went over to my friend Jessica's house to talk and hang out with her, her sweet baby girl Emmy and our fun friend Lair. Emmy was so nice to let us sit around watching her and gab about the good ole days of Baylor and Chi Omega!

Here's sweet Emmy! Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen?!?Thanks Emmy for letting us hang out in your room!

Then, on Saturday I got to hang out with many other college friends at Jason and Hailey Weems wedding. It was a gorgeous wedding and I had so much fun seeing so many people I hadn't seen in years!! I miss having all those people around. Poor Justin couldn't make it with me because he was still recooping from the flu. So, I had another fun night with the girls!! I'm so thankful for sweet girlfriends. We definitely decided we need to have more girly weekends soon!The beautiful Bride and Groom! Lair and Jess Amy, Lair and I


The Rowe Crew said...

Oh so fun!! We had such good girly time this weekend :o)!

I'll call you this week about a good weekend to head to Little Rock!

Lair said...

Great pics! It was SO MUCH FUN being your date. :) I'd do it again in a heartbeat...

So, you have to come to Little Rock. I already miss the girl times! Love you!

Sharee said...

Lair, I have to say, you make a great date!! Now I know how you get so many of them!! :)

AmyW said...

Can you send me the link to the photos you took at the Weems wedding? Thanks!!

Let's hang out soon.

Lair said...

okay, i need to send everyone the pics i have, cute!

what is your address?