Aug 19, 2006

My Manly Man

11 days and 50 pounds of fish later, my manly man made it back from his guys only trip to Alaska. Justin and his buddy Jeff spent 11 days deep-sea fishing, eating Alaskan King Crab, bear, moose, hunting for oysters and doing all those guy things that can only be done on the Alaskan countryside. I was especially proud of his 30 pound halibut catch shown above! Anyone takers to join us for a fish-fry??


The Rowes said...

Finally figured out how to comment :o)

Well, I'd be proud too - and a little thrilled that I didn't have to do it with him :o) Praise God for "Boys" and "Girls" trips! Looks like you and Shelby had a wonderful time too!

We'll take you up on the fish thing, I'll just check my list of ones that are safe to eat - we need to get together soon.

I'm so excited about your new school too - can't wait to hear all about it!

andydawn said...

Hi Sharee! I don't know if you remember me, Andrea Meacham?? Now Andrea Schultz. I found your blog through Brittney's. Looks like you had a fun busy summer. Wicked was also my favorite. Hope to hear from you.

Les said...

Wow, Sharee has a blog! I'm so excited!!! You commented on our adoption blog, do you also have our family blog address? Still love you! It was great seeing how happy you are! Lesli

Michelle said...

I Sharee! I was e-mailing Jill and found out that you have a blog. It sounds like you two have had a fabulous summer. Will you be coming up for Thanksgiving this year? Tell Justin we said "hi"
-Michelle and Joshua Cools